Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" music video

That oh so emotional song finally has a video to it, and it brought tears to my eyes

The video begins with Kelly laying in a pool of water in a sadden state.
Then it moves to her sitting in a chair singing her heart out about the pains and struggles that she endured while being in the music industry.

She sings behind a pair of shades with tears streaming down her face
She takes the glasses off and her eyes are filled with tears

AT THIS MOMENT I REALIZED WHEN YOU ARE A SINGER, especially a female singer you have to be a pretty decent actress so that you can sell your video, and Kelly does a great job at letting her emotions show through in this video.
She's at a dinner wearing a white dress with a man he gets up pissed off and the look on her face is unbearable. In the process of getting up he knocks a glass of wine over and it spills onto Kelly's dress and the look on her face screams devastation. Check out the video below and prepare to have your emotions rocked.

Fierce and Love

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