Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rihanna releases " Pour It Up"

Rihanna has finally given us the music video to her hit sing POUR IT UP, and boy oh boy did she set that video on fire. The song Pour It Up has officially become a strip club anthem " hence" the words of the verse " Strip clubs and dollar bills still got my money" Rihanna has girls TWERKING ON WATER #NoBasicZone

The video features professional exotic dancers Nicole " The pole " Williams, Candace Cane, and Secret Moneii. Nicole is an absolute beast on the pole, I plan on taking her class when I visit Los Angeles again. Candace brings the sexy and leaves you wanting more. Secret Moneii has a derrière that leaves you speechless.  In the video Rihanna also holds her own against the professionals and bends it over and twerks a few times along with working the pole. Originally I honestly love the video and Rihanna. I secretly am a bad girl and Rihanna gives me that opportunity to let the wild side out. Check out the video for yourself below and prepare to have your world rocked. OH dear do not let me be near a pole and this song comes on.

Also check out the audition video
and the making of the video

Fierce And Love

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