Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love and Hip Hop New York (Season) 4


Looks like things have did a complete 360 on Love and Hip Hop in the north.

Love and Hip Hop of New York season 4 returns October 28 on VH1. I'm usually not a fan of the New York cast, the Atlanta crew are more my style, but K Michelle has moved to NYC and is a part of the the LHHNY cast so I'll give that city one more try. Simply because K Michelle always shows up and shows out. I honestly live for the drama, since I personally don't act that way I have to get my life somehow, and hey why not get it through watching other people.

Love and Hip Hop Season 4 + First Look: Watch this extended trailer of Love and Hip Hop Season 4 which premieres Monday, 10/28 + 8/7c on VH1.

The show welcomes a few new ladies to the cast check them out below.

We have Nya Lee who likes to "claim the title as the number one stripper in NEW YORK" whatever the heck that's suppose to mean. She also has her foot in the rap game just a little bit, so lets see how her role plays out

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The next new lady that we welcome to the show is Erica Jean who is originally from New York, she's puerto rican and black. She went to Howard and is passionate about acting.

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Tara Wallace is a southern belle, she hails from Mississippi and from the looks up it, she gets caught up in a whirlwind of drama on the show.

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Amina BuddaFly is also new to the show. She is German bred, and definitely bring something different to the cast.

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Overall this season looks as if things will get FEISTY. I look forward to exciting Monday nights again. I'm happy Love and Hip Hop NY decided to step its game up, because ATL was definitely overshadowing the NYC show. Be sure to check out the new season on October 28.

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